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Queer in Maine

we're here!

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Welcome to the Queer Maine community!

Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, however you identify... you belong here! : )

We live in a state with much homophobia and fear. Through this community we can create a safe place to talk about our lives, our loves, our obstacles and victories, and we can make some good friends. Post about your thoughts and feelings, post about upcoming events, post reviews of clubs and bars, post just to say hi.... post post post! Let's make this a community with a real sense of community!

-be kind
-multiple pictures or long posts behind an lj-cut please
-no porn... this is an all-ages community
-no flames allowed. period.
-personals are welcome, but please use common sense and be careful about giving personal info
-have fun!

this community is maintained and owned by noaccident. all questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to LE87@dangerous-minds.com