pacman (sixyearholiday) wrote in queermaine,

Queer Youth & Allies Writing Project

Add Verb Productions presents:

Queer and Ally Youth Writing Project

We are looking for Performance Texts from:

Writers age 12-24

Genres – all texts created to be performed

Queer, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, questioning and allies

Short plays, monologues, scenes,spoken word poetry, songs, stories, etc

We hope to present pieces surrounding the idea of allies.  Allies
helping those within the queer community, queers being helped by
allies, and queers being allies to others in the queer community.  If
any of your writings reflect these ideas please send them my way!

Send submissions to

Submissions will be reviewed by a Youth Editorial Team, under the
guidance of Add Verb staff and artists, and may receive feedback for
further development before put into final script.

Submissions accepted through June 2008

Thanks if you can and thanks anyway if you can't.  Please forward this
to anyone you feel might be able to contribute.
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