they called me the door to eden (fey_seraph) wrote in queermaine,
they called me the door to eden

alchemical postmodern theorist 1.2 : queer zine from maine

The second issue of my zine, The Alchemical Postmodern Theorist, is now available. It is a full-size, paste up black and white zine with a block printed logo on the cover.

This issue, "This is What We Call Family," is inspired by my frustration with the narrow focus and glorified assimilation of the gay marriage debate. However, I didn't want to create a zine to bash the gay marriage campaign--after all, gblt people's hearts and souls are invested in this fight. So I created a zine about the undefinable, wild, comforting, supportive, revolutionary families we already create, outside of the parameters of the State. I collected stories and articles from friends and contributors across the US about their own experiences of family, love and intimacy. Their words are reports from the love underground. They are about the ways we live our everyday radical lives: imaginatively, courageously, and together.

19 p./full size/B&W

Click the image of the cover to go the extended listing for this zine on The Alchemist's Closet!
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