Curried Goat in a paper cup (derien) wrote in queermaine,
Curried Goat in a paper cup

benefit event, Friday, Sept. 12th, at Asylum (Portland, Maine)

I received the following in an LJ message a full day ago, and delayed only to confirm with another friend that it is real. I hate hearing about things like this happening in Portland, but as we all know they do, from time to time.



Xpost plz?
from cheshirebunny
hey there, i'm just trying to get the word out that this happened.
i couldn't find a maintainer or any other contact info for queermaine, but i did noticed that something you xposted was one of the most recent unlocked posts. so, if you wouldn't mind posting it to the 'queermaine' community and any other relevent lj communities the should know about this and/or other places that may be able to help out- it would be greatly appreciated.

please x-post + donate!

for local people wary of paypal donations, there will be a benefit hosted by the people at plague ( -this friday- sept 12th at the asylum in portland maine.

On September 6, 2008, a dear friend of many in Portland, Maine, was physically assaulted by two strangers who approached him as he was walking home downtown after an evening out. These individuals told our friend that he 'looked gay' before they suddenly and violently began beating him.
Fortunately, the attack was interrupted by good Samaritan(s) who had the courage to intervene, and we are so thankful to them for saving our friend from a situation that could have become unthinkably worse!

As it is, our friend has suffered a concussion and bleeding on the brain, among other injuries, and he will require follow-up medical care. Like many people who work in the arts part-time and at a bill-paying job the other part of the time, he does not have health insurance.
Please visit HealPortland. com if you wish to make a donation towards his medical expenses. To leave messages of support and encouragement, please feel free to sign the Guestbook on the site.
Thank you so much!

this is NOT a one-in-a-million event. this could happen to any of our friends, to you or me. i often personally walk to and from my car alone on my way to/from clubs in maine, nh, ct, or even boston. i do know 'the victim' and he is full of awesome and amazing. it DID happen to one of my friends. these clubs are my home and his style is mine. ones appearance is not a reason to be beaten.

- "We cannot live and let live. That creed only works as a two way street – if you try and live and let live with someone who wants you gone, you will be crushed. Those who try to promote such a path are often just trying to set the other side up for a cataclysmic defeat. If you bury your head in the sand, someone will come along very quickly to bury the rest of you."
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